Our Goal


Through “Lisnup”, Jellypunch is innovating the existing music distribution and debut system, creating a global music ecosystem in which creators and artists can freely work without contracts with agencies or distributors.
Jellypunch is building an environment for active creator and artist activities, developing a sponsorship system to generate continuous and reasonable profits. Additionally, we are matching creators and artists to increase the value of their original songs' intellectual property and discover new opportunities. We will confidently achieve these goals.

Values we pursue

Diversity and freedom

Jellypunch aims to create an open platform where creators can freely share their original songs and anyone can add their own voice to complete the song. Our goal is to establish an environment where listeners, creators, and artists seeking new music and new voices can freely exchange ideas.

Technology development is carried out for the benefit of users.

Jellypunch is always looking for ways to update and improve their online-based singing activities platform, Lisnup, to provide a better experience for showcasing their unique music and vocal style.

Protection of intellectual property

Lisnup is an online-based platform for singer-songwriters, where all music is the creator's original work. We protect the newly created music that creators have released while also performing continuous management to protect the rights of others.

Our focus is on providing global services.

Lisnup is an online music and singer activity platform where anyone with original songs can showcase their music and anyone interested in those songs can record and debut as a singer. Our goal is to expand our services to the large music markets, including Korea, as well as the growing Southeast Asian market.

Creating a sustainable music ecosystem.

We are making efforts to strengthen the sponsorship function to enable talented creators and singers to continue their activities, and to continuously develop a system for discovering talented artists.

Opportunity to participate without any barriers

Lisnup is an online-based music platform for musicians and singers, where anyone can become a creator or singer regardless of the completeness of their music or singing skills. We strive to create a platform where aspiring creators and singers, as well as listeners who support their dreams, can enjoy together.