Online songwriter and singer platform - “Lisnup”

So, what's the deal with “Lisnup”, the online platform for singers?

Lisnup is a web platform where all aspiring creators and singers can freely pursue their dreams. Without any contracts with agencies or distributors, you can easily publish your own songs and debut by recording vocals. You can generate profits through sponsorships and build a new music ecosystem where fans discover new stars. Lisnup provides new possibilities for both creators and music fans.

No Music Label - Lisnup (Click link to landing page)

Hey there! So, tell me about the music you made as a creator. I'm all ears!

Just go ahead and lay down your vocals however you want on the creator's track. No pressure!

Hey, why not make your debut as an artist once you finish your song? It's gonna be super fun and totally cool!

So, you got this one song that you made, and there's another artist with a totally different vibe. Cool, cool.

Yo! Check out this dope social network that connects people through music!

With your support, a new star will be born!

You can support by purchasing Gold Microphone through in-app purchases.

“Lisnup” is looking for new creators and artists.

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